Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial

Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful program that helps the user create a professional, clean-looking presentation or proposal. Many businesses and education systems have come to accept this program as their standard for showcasing information. However, if a user wants to create a presentation and doesn’t know how, the task can be daunting.

Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial 2Luckily, there are many PowerPoint tutorials available online that can be really helpful in creating a presentation. The user can find a myriad of tutorials online to try. Microsoft PowerPoint even comes included with information on how to get started. But getting started shouldn’t be too scary.

To start a presentation, open PowerPoint. Click the File tab and select Backstage view. Select the option New from the menu on the left-hand side. Then simply choose a Blank Presentation or a theme. The presentation will appear on the screen. PowerPoint will present a blank slide that is now an empty canvas for the user to change according to preference. Any boxes on the slide are called placeholders. The user can customize the text in these placeholders or even delete the placeholders if they wish. In one placeholder, there are several thumbnails which give the option of adding different content to the slide, such as a photo, clip art, shape, video, or link from the internet. If the user does not like the placement of the placeholders on the template they have chosen, a new layout can be selected.

Microsoft PowerPoint TutorialWhen a new presentation is started, only one slide will be loaded. To add a new slide, select the Home tab. Then click New Slide. From there, the user can choose a selected layout that fits best with the presentation. The text on any slide can be customized according to the user’s liking. Before any new text is added, simply select the current text. Delete this text and type the new text in the box. This text can be sized according to the user’s wish and the font is changeable as well.

To move from one slide to another, PowerPoint has an option of adding transitions between slides. A transition is a special effect to move from one slide to another. One example is fading from one slide to another. Adding transitions to a slide can give the presentation a more polished, professional look and keep the audience entertained.

One great feature of PowerPoint is the ability to add a photo from any source. This customizable feature gives a professional, simple look to the presentation and makes the slideshow look more polished. To add a photo, click the Insert tab then click Pictures in the Images group. Once the dialog box appears, locate the desired image file and click Insert. The picture will open on the currently selected slide. From there, the user can resize as they wish.

PowerPoint is a relatively easy program to understand, but if a user needs some help understanding how to run the program, there are free tutorials online available. Once a few simple tasks are learned, a user can create a presentation that is impressive and professional.